Word breaks, hyphens, and left justification

Alright, this isn’t really a response to some assignment. It has to do with style.

In my opinion, a paragraph of text that is left justified (lines up along the left margin with the right end of each line finishing where needed) should not break words at the end of lines. Since the right margin is not justified, there is no need to figure out where a hyphen should go. Just put the word on the next line.

What I'm Talking About

What I’m Talking About
from blog of Anonymous Octopus

It looks like the rampages default WordPress theme is Twenty Fourteen, so maybe it is the theme that I’m not liking so much. Sometimes, I don’t even see the hyphens, which really bothers me. Broken words that aren’t even joined with a little symbol.

Maybe there is a way to change the settings, probably something called word wrap, in the style sheet for this theme. Or maybe it is just the way it is.

The thought vectors for me on this have taken me down trails of settings for my own blog, and plans to experiment with different themes. I have five or six other blogs on WordPress (and can create as many as desired), so I might take some unused ones and change the themes to see what happens. Isn’t this how learning occurs: make changes and observe results?


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